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Robert Alan 'Bob' Griffin

LINK TO BOB GRIFFINS ART & POEMS <-- contact Jim Griffin to purchase Bob's book of art & poems

August 2008 - From a recent conversation with Bobby's brother Jim Griffin:  My older brother Bob was tragically killed in a light plane crash in March, 1973. At the time of his death Bob was a Freshman at UCSB and he was flying with his roommate at UCSB, the pilot of the 2 Seater Cessna 150 that went down in the mountains near the Grapevine in Newhall, CA, just off HWY 14. Bob's roommate Mike Hillbloom from Hillsborough, CA was also killed as a result of the crash. 
Bob was 19 at the time of his death. In his memory, my Father published 5000 books that showcased Bob's Photography, Art and poems.
The Robert Griffin Memorial Art Scholarship was established the same year of his death at SPHS. I am hoping to get the scholarship started again which I believe was stopped due to a lack of funding.




 Bobby's brother Jim asked for this song......


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08/27/08 12:28 AM #1    

Belinda Johnson (Rachman)

Bobby was such a sweet, creative and mature kid. I have a poem he wrote for the paper Freddy and I put out (The First Amendment). It was so different than what one would expect from a guy. I remember once when my other friends were making fun of me for being a communist that Bobby said, "Belinda, I don't agree with you but I want to hear what you have to say." I just felt sick when I heard about his death in the airplane crash. He was an artist and athlete, a deep thinker with such a fun sense of humor. We REALLY lost a special person when he died!

09/19/08 06:30 PM #2    

Freddie Salas

I knew Bobby since before Kindergarten. He lived just 4 houses away from me. He taught me how to tie my shoes and play Chess. He was one of my best friends. We spent many days hanging out in Bobby's tree house. Bobby, Mark Romay and myself all went to the Junior Prom together with our dates, Jenny Buchanan, Belinda Johnson and Tasha Hall. Bobby and I both had a friendly and healthy competitive interest and a passion for making art. We both became Art Majors. Unfortunately, I was the only one to finish my studies. I felt robbed when he died. He was my art reference point; my art gauge; my art compass. I moved up to Santa Barbara right after high school, not to go to college, but to hang out with Bobby. I was living up in Isla Vista when his plane went down. He was my first friend to leave the planet way too soon. I still think about him all the time, especially when I'm tying my shoes or playing Chess. I miss you Bobby.

He gave us a poem for the underground newspaper Belinda and I did. It didn't have a title. This is what he wrote...

From the seed that was to be born, a weed that man hath tried to be rid of, but yet remained.
Remained to stay within the grasps of ourselves, to explore the outer reality that lay between sanity or not.
What lay behind dreams yet to be realized to create inner self, an inner peace of mind.
Happiness that concrete and plastic had washed
away from earlier childhood visions of happiness.
To enjoy the freshness of Spring
The gentle trickling of a stream
that flows thru an ancient mountain.
To feel the sting of cold upon ones face or the warmth of a companion closely nestled in pleasant surroundings. What hath this seed done wrong?
In justice is in the eye of the beholder.
But who can say?
Not I.

09/22/08 05:39 PM #3    

Cathe Biles (D'Auria)

Bobby was the first person that I had ever slept with. It was in kindergarten, Lincoln School nap time. Bobby and I decided to pull out our mats and nap under a table next to each other and I guess that made Mrs. Tuesberg extremely mad. She grabbed Bobby's mat a pulled it out from under him and made him sleep elsewhere. That memory has always stayed with me and always will. Whoever knew Bobby, consider yourselves lucky. Not too many of him come our way.....Cathe

10/15/08 09:37 PM #4    

Kaye Riggs

I was not popular at SPHS. I belonged to no group, had few friends. I used to play basketball after school--and that's where I met Bob Griffin. Bob reached out to me, offered me the most valuable thing I could have imagined at that place in my life--his friendship--and he offered this gift for no other reason than that he was Bob Griffin and that's how he lived his life. High school is difficult. You are judged by others based upon the friends you keep. Very often, especially when you're not cool, peer-pressure prevents friendships that might otherwise grow and mature. Bob cared for none of that and I would guess his friends cut across virtually every line possible to draw.

I will never forget hearing the news of his accident and the immeasurable loss I felt then--and even today. I'm an airline pilot. We have a saying when a fellow airman passes on; we say he has "Gone West". I don't know whether Bob was a pilot or if he was just catching a ride that night--and it doesn't matter to me. Bob was one of the few bright memories of my high school days--and he shines just as brightly today in my memory as he did the day he first extended the hand of friendship to me. When I "Go West" I hope I will be fortunate enough to find Bob again, hand extended to me in friendship once again, welcoming me home.

01/27/09 03:44 PM #5    

David Pudelwitts (St. Albans)

I knew Bobby Griffin very well, since we attended all the same art classes together at SPHS. I will say this, the man had a talent head and shoulders above mine or anyone else in the classes. He produced a book, which I still have somewhere, of his art. Or perhaps the book was produced as a memorial after his death? I would look at it and say: "If I could be at least this good, I'd be successful." He was also one of the nicest and good-hearted, and intelligent classmates I had the pleasure of meeting at SPHS. I tried to emulate his good humor and his talent. And he claimed that he thought my talent was extreme and would take me far. Seriously though I doodled while he actually produced full blown paintings and drawings of beautiful delicacy. When he perished it shook me to the bone. I couldn't believe someone like him could simply vanish from the earth like that. Thanks to all those who put up this memorial to him and who knew him, loved him and cared for him. He was a truly wonderful role model and I still miss him. He had so much life to look forward to. And I believe we would have still been friends.

06/04/09 12:05 PM #6    

Annette Roux (Sister Marie Gabrielle)

Bobby's dreams, talents and stature were beyond the scope of most of us at the age when he was taken away from this world.

For Bobby I Pray:

"The just man, though he die early, shall be at rest, for the age that is honorable comes not with the passing of time, nor can it be measured in terms of years.

Rather, Understanding is the glistening crown of men, and a pure life, the attainment of old age. He who pleased God was loved and having become perfect in a short while, he reached the fullness of a brief life.

His soul being pleasing to the Lord - he was sped out of the midst of this world - but the people saw and did not understand." Wisdom 4:7-15

Eternal Life grant unto him Oh Lord, and may Perpetual Light shine upon him. May Bobby’s soul and all the souls of the Faithful departed through the Mercy of God rest in Peace. Amen.

05/15/12 05:59 PM #7    

Jo Jahns (Cachia)

With the 40th class reunion coming's time to take a walk down memory lane i guess.

Bobby Griffin has always held a sweet spot in my heart.  I remember one school dance in the cafeteria

when he asked me to dance...and then they played a SLOW song!  omg...i was so nervous and we danced

as i felt little butterflys all over my body.  MY FIRST SLOW DANCE EVER>

No relationship, other than a nice friendship, ever developed but

I was headed to Santa Barbara, for photography school in late 1973  and who knows what might have happened

next.  I've lost a few friends to small plane crashes and miss them still...God bless them all. And God bless you 

Bobby and your sweet sweet smile.

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