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Lauri Jean Sullivan

Lauri Jean Sullivan

Lauri was born Lauri Jean Sullivan to John L. Sullivan and Jean Masten on November 22, 1954. She married Mr. Hugill and had two children. Vicky passed away on May 19, 1978, at the age of 23 1/2.

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09/02/08 08:34 PM #1    

Margaret Cogan (Murphy)

I grew up with Lauri Sullivan at Holy Family and on Spruce Street. We spent a great deal of time together as did my parents with her parents, Her father and my Dad were in the FBI together. Her mother Jean was a kick in the pants, Jeans mother also lived with them. She always got on Lauri's case. Her father was a lively irishman with a big heart. Lauri was passionate, beautiful, big temper, and very funny. We used to put on these performances in her garage and charge everybody on the block to come and see us. One time we were the Beattles, another time we did this play where Lauri had a tail. In Holy Family she and I had a wild relationship and once I slapped her for telling me to shut up. (imagine that)
When we got to high school we drifted apart for awhile and then realized that our friendship was too inportant to allow stupid stuff to get in the way.
I visited Lauri after her twins were born and got to see how much they resembled her. When Lauri died I was out of state and devasted. In 2002 when I came down for our reunion, I went to Spruce St and visited Mr. Sullivan. It was a wonderful time with him and Jay, Lauri's brother. I was able to get Lauri's daughters phone number and so I called her to tell her about her Mom when she was a kid and growing up at SPHS. I am thankful that I have the memories of Lauri, she was a true friend, a wild irish rose, a character, full of life, lots of spirit and and an irish temper. She is very memorable.

09/11/08 06:03 PM #2    

Michael Magamez

I also grew up with Laurie, along with Margaret Cogan, at Holy Family School. We weren't exactly close friends, since back then, the boys were generally only friends with other boys. etc.
In college, I had her dad as a teacher. He was such a nice man; telling us of his FBI experiences.

09/19/08 12:17 PM #3    

Tina Biesek (DeBow)

Ok, Cogan, that is great history! I loved Laurie, and also was devasted by her passing. Susie Plavsa and I were close friends all thru Holy Family, we did St. Anne's together (remember my fake labor pains!) crazzzzzy woman! I loved Jean and John L. both were so warm and loving people, and I was even involved with Rick and Laurie after they married or remember doing drugs with them! No, not me? I was such a good girl, remember? Anyway the good and bad things we do while growing up. We were a wild bunch and I miss Laurie, and when I drive by the ol place on Spruce, I remember swimming in their new pool when they put it in, etc. I also remember having a major crush on Jay her brother...but not her brother Greg, he was always somebody who bugged.....

Anyway, I might have some pics from Polly's Place of Laurie in my cedar chest stored with hundreds of other old pics.

So much to do so little time!

Love U Bird


01/24/09 08:32 AM #4    

Annette Roux (Sister Marie Gabrielle)

I knew Lauri from Holy Family. We were mutual friends of Connie Etchart. What a terrible tragedy and shock it was to learn of her death at such a young age. The news of her death effected me very much as we were so young and our lives were just on the threshold of entering the adult world. She was the first person who died, whom I personally knew, who was the same age as I was. The sadness at the thought of her short life and tragic passing away remains with me even today.

I pray:
"O Gentlest heart of Jesus,ever present in the Blessed Sacrament, ever consumed with burning love for the poor souls in Purgatory have mercy on the soul of Thy departed servant, Lauri. Be not severe in Thy judgment but let some drops of Thy Precious Blood fall her precious soul, and do Thou O merciful Savior send your Angels to conduct Lauri to a place of Refreshment, Light and Peace. Amen"

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