In Memory

Deborah Robin 'Debi' Williams (Tiegs)

Debi passed away on February 13, 2003.



Debbie and her boyfriend Tim Pfeiffer. Tim was with Debbie her last couple of years.

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09/27/08 05:40 PM #1    

Terri Gerber (Woodd)

Debi was one of my childhood chums, part of the Edgewood- Chelton- Ashbourne- Fletcher (Streets) bunch. Eddie Park. If I recall correctly, Debi, me, Susie, Tasha, Tisa, and Marybeth Steinfield all hung out and played alot. Silliness and laughter...I'm smiling thinking about those times.
I would like to know more about what happened to her.
Love to Debi..

10/15/08 10:05 PM #2    

Robert Hardcastle

It is correct Debbie passed in 2003. Riding my horse on the trails above La Verne, Ca. we met and after a couple of double takes we realized who each other was... she was an avid horsewoman known throughout San Dimas, Ca. where she lived. She was sick at the time we met on the trails, but I did not know that until later. I believe it was cancer. I will call a couple of friends and see if anyone has photos and/or any notices.

Bob Hardcastle

11/22/08 01:55 PM #3    

Carol Porter (Eicher)

Debbie and I went to Europe together in June, just after graduation. She was very timid and thought very inwardly. She made a great companion during our travels as she was quite the follower. I led her on some journeys that are quite laughable. One comes to mind. We were told to watch out for the Italian men cuz they were known to run after American girls, especially blondes. While in Italy, just to make a memory, I antagonized a group of boys and then told Debbie to run and we dashed across traffic, with the sounds of horns and all. She was hyped up and I just laughed. OMG, other stories from Amsterdam in the early '70's was also a trip!! We traveled to nine countries in 7 weeks.
I am not sure what took Debbie.
Carol Porter:)

12/23/08 04:07 PM #4    

Jan Nord (Reck)

Debbie and I crossed paths somehow..we both lived out in the SG Valley.
Back when we both were married and before babies! Lost track of her and then amazingly we both ended up teaching in the same school district. I had her daughter Mandi in one of my classes. Mandi and her husband were both students of mine. Mandi was pregnant when Debbie was diagnosed with cancer. I know she hoped to make it so that she would be able to meet her first grandbaby. Sadly that was not the case. Debbie died before Jaelyn was born. I will talk to Mandi and see if she would mind sharing her mom's obituary.

There was always one thing about matter how crazy things were she maintained an amazing sense of calm and quiet strength about her...truly an amazing woman. I am so proud to have known her.

02/15/09 11:20 AM #5    

Robert Hardcastle

I had lunch yesterday with Tim, who was Debbie's boyfriend for three years up until the time of her death. He is going to get some photos and write up a little something to tell us a little about the Debbie he knew and loved. I will forward as soon as he sends it to me.


06/03/09 03:12 PM #6    

Robert Hardcastle

I spoke to Tim Pfieffer this last Monday. He was Debbie's boyfriend at the time of her passing. He gave me some pictures and is going to try to find a copy of her mermorial service announcement. Pictures should be here soon.

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