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Jill Katherine Williams (Cooper)

Jill Katherine Williams (Cooper)

Jill Katherine Cooper, (56) died July 1, 2010 of cancer at her home in Carlsbad, California surrounded by her family and beloved dog Arlo. Born in Pasadena, she was raised in South Pasadena and attended South Pasadena High School, San Diego State, and UCSB.

After marrying Chris in 1976, she worked at Bank of America, retiring as a vice-president to raise her family.  They resided in Pasadena and Claremont until moving to Carlsbad, CA. in 2002.  Jill loved gardening, beach walking, playing guitar and singing, and was a lively competitor at hearts, gin rummy, and on the tennis court.  Most of all, she cherished her family and friends and the time spent with them.

She is survived by her husband Chris; daughter Katie and son Kevin; her mother Gerrianne; and sister Jennifer.  She is predeceased by her father Jack Williams.

Pasadena Star News, July 18, 2010




I met Jill when we were in high school and we managed to stay in touch over all the years and phases of our lives--college, jobs, marriage, children, taking care of elderly parents, celebrations, and crisis.  I am very saddened by this tragic disease that has taken her from us.  She was an upbeat and optimistic person who loved to laugh and her comedy was infectious.  I will miss her always.

Janet Woodward '71


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07/01/10 11:14 PM #1    

Kristina Hjelmgren

It is just so sad. My thoughts go to her husband and their children.

07/02/10 03:57 AM #2    

Freddie Salas

WOW! I always loved Jill. I first met her in 1968. She was a beautiful girl with a great sense of humor and she was ALWAYS really fun to be with. We had a lot of fun together, back in High School. Definitely one of the coolest women I've ever known. I remember thinking that her husband, Chris, really "scored" when he married Jill. She will be greatly missed. God Bless, Jill.

07/02/10 06:20 AM #3    

Jan Nord (Reck)

 Gone far too soon. She will be missed by many. Thoughts and prayers to her family.

07/02/10 07:51 AM #4    

Erin Torricelli

Wow, I am so sad. I went to school with her from first grade on through graduation at South Pas.  As  classmates at Holy Family, we were good friends and had alot of fun together.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

07/02/10 08:50 AM #5    

Tina Biesek (DeBow)

I am saddened by this loss, a beautiful person, gone too soon.  I have many memories at Holy Family and Jr. and Sr. High in South Pasadena with Jill. Girl Scouting, weekends at Singing Pines, the beach in the summer at the girlscout house, St. Anne's.  I attended school with Jill, our knowledge of each other almost 50 years, since the Holy Family 1968.  I see her great smile, and sense of humor, and her compassion for those less fortunate than we were.  We all lived the good life, with great homes and great parents that stayed together, and brought us up in a lovely town.  The family is in my thoughts and prayers.  We will miss you Jill, and we forever bound by our love for each other, I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the sweet ol bye and bye.  Love, Tina

07/02/10 09:22 AM #6    

Sharon Lucas

My heart is filled with such love and sweet memories and such shock and sadness  at being unable to say goodbye to such a dear friend. Jill was very private these last years and when we last spoke around the time of our 30th reunion when I begged her to come. We caught up on our lives but neither Chris nor I could budge her on this one. I didn't know about her cancer but I know that she was dearly loved by Chris and her children and her family and knowing Jill, she was surrounded by love.

My memories are many. Strongest are those of her and I playing guitar and harmonizing nearly every weekend at my house. My Mom loved Jill and her voice and once locked us in my room to get a recording of Cat Steven's 'How Can I Tell You". That recording exists somewhere, though mom will barely let Jill get settled in before she hands her a guitar in heaven to hear it again, but Jill I promise when I find it its just between us baby. Jill once convinced my mom on a car trip to San Francisco to watch Vince Cain play hockey to pick up a hippy along the way. My mom was mortified but Jill had that way about her and mom did whatever Jill cajoled her into doing whether it was in girl scouts or at out house Jill had mom wrapped around her finger.

Jill always made my heart sing. She had the greatest laugh and she brought out the best and maybe most mischevious in me. I wished I could have shared the hardest time of her life as well as the best times but in the end that is always a private decision we all make. I just hope she knows how much I love her today and have always loved her. My thoughts and prayers are with Chris, her children and her family.

07/02/10 10:33 AM #7    

Cheryl Chapin (Petrovich)

 So very sad! I think of Jill as being so kind and sweet, and easy to be around! I am so sorry she had to fight such a terrible disease! My heart breaks for her and her family! My love and warmest wishes and condolences to her loving family.



07/02/10 01:53 PM #8    

Shelly Epperly (Kovacs)

My deepest sympathy and condolences to her family. Rochelle Jolene Kovacs (Epperly)

07/02/10 03:01 PM #9    

Annette Roux (Sister Marie Gabrielle)

Dearest Jill,

Where do I begin? I have known many, many people who have passed over into the next world and yet each one is a unique and overwhelming astonishment to me! You now know and experience first hand what we all hope and long for and also what we fear and dread. You now see Him Who is beyond our comprehension and nonetheless - beyond  yours as well. How Blessed you are to have been able to pass over this great chasm- that which we call life and ultimately death. Our knowledge is as if nothing, before yours, as you search the deepest heights and depths of Wisdom.

You know that my thoughts and prayers for you have been continuous all day; my Mass, my Holy Communion, my Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament; it is here in the Spirit that we are united and yet the separation nonetheless is painfully evident.

It is “I” who ask you - to please pray for "us" - we who have yet to make that great journey which you have so courageously been able to accomplish. We tremble at the thought of what we shall endure when we struggle to cross the threshold. We tremble at the thought of what we shall behold in the next life; yes - even those of us who have dedicated our lives to God. We are still fragile and mortal - yet you can no longer die; you have conquered death by dying. We flee death by living - yet one day we too shall behold our ultimate destiny - sooner than what we anticipate.

Jill, May God be your Reward *Exceedingly Great!*  for all of your suffering in this life. With my Love and Prayers for you and your Dear Family- always - annette * sistermariegabrielle


07/03/10 10:46 AM #10    

Connie Etchart (Bohn)

 I'm very sad to hear of Jill's passing and my prayers and thoughts go out to her family and friends during this very difficult time of loss.

She was a good friend to me at Holy Family School and I have  memories of walking over to her house and laughing and clowning around, listening to music, singing together and doing very silly dances. There was also girl scouts and overnight slumber parties.  She was such a sweetheart and a very beautiful person even at a young age.

We never know when our time on this earth will be taken from us and I encourage everyone to hold your loved ones close today and tell them how much you love them and take the time to say," I'm sorry," "Please forgive me," and "Thank you." Give them a hug , a smile , a kiss.





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